Vanessa SandersonReflexology for Staplehurst

September 2020

I am really pleased to be back doing my Reflexology treatments that I love to do and my clients tell me they love to receive.! Despite all the adaptions to minimise the risk associated with Covid-19, all is going well and the clients feedback is that it is as relaxing as it always was.

One thing I have noticed since lockdown is how many people are looking for help for their emotional needs. A massive amount of fear and anxiety was created and circulated during lockdown . People no longer had the day to day distractions of work and school and it has bought up a range of relationship issues and life issues , including depression , worries about family members, loss of family, feeling isolated and lonely, loss of jobs, feeling demotivated, as well as realising a change of job is now needed, but “what shall I do with my life ? “ I have found the Bach Remedies invaluable in helping people with these sort of issues.

Another big realisation was how important the gut really is for our immune system. I have been reading about this for years now and believed I ate a very healthy diet. However, I got what I believed to be Covid-19 in early April . My family did not ! It got me looking at why - and the answer came over the summer when I realised that my gut was very unhappy. It was cherry season and I am lucky enough to live near to some amazing cherry orchards. At first I didn’t associate the two - my unhappy gut and cherries , until I realised this was an annual occurrence for me !! So I started researching ( as I do ) and discovered that people who are sensitive to the nightshade family of foods are often also sensitive to cherries, apples and beetroot. So I came off them all, and hey presto - my gut became a lot happier. As such , I am expecting my immune system to become stronger .... watch this space ... I will report back as we go through winter .

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